Welcome to Toshi Drake, MM author ordinaire

Hi and welcome to the very basic website of Toshi Drake.

I have begun my author journey in the land of speculative fiction with dashes and splashes of romance.

I have two published books and one in the works.

The Elements of Dragons features a small clan of oddball dragons who just want to focus on what they like best, cosplay and friendships.

Lightning Dragon Strikes Out features a cosplaying lightning dragon, Phineas and his long suffering mate, Nick, who bond over anime conventions and cosplay. It’s fun and flirty.


Fire Dragon Blazes Through steers you through the sweet yet tumultuous relationship of Blue and Reno. It has sweet moments of heart and a willingness to adapt.

My latest series is set in SPACE!

Entity: A StarStation novel is about what a person would do in order to survive? Would you be able to stay alive and sane if you were alone on a dark and cold abandoned spaceship without help or support?
Find out on May 24, 2021 through all your favourite book retailers.


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